Jai Sadhubaba

When describing His Divine Holiness Shree Shree Sadhubaba, one can say that we believe he is “omnipresent, ancient, infinite and self-giving." We do not know the exact time of His decent to this world, but, primary proof of His existence can be found to be some time before Shree Shree Ramkrishna’s era. His work and activities are noticeable around the Bardhaman and Birbhum areas, such as Ratanpur, Sanyashitala, Kumari Kalitala, Bolpur Binay Bhavan, and Koitara as well as parts of Kolkata from time to time.

We, the disciples of Shree Shree Sadhubaba’s ashram of Ratanpur, learned from our forefathers that Sanyashitala is famous for its saintly, ancient banyan tree. Our beloved God, His Divine Holiness Shree Shree Sadhubaba, spent considerable amounts of time meditating under this banyan tree where he contemplated spirituality and the betterment of mankind and provided guidance to the needy. His Holiness did not confine His practice or preaching to any particular religion. He believed in a secular united lifestyle. Publicizing His name, fame, prestige and ego were not his primary motives. This great man spoke and behaved like an ordinary man. He spoke of His advice in simple terms working with individuals and dispensing wisdom based on background, situation, and education.

In His primary teaching, He taught his followers to stand their own ground, to be self-reliant and self-dependent, and to encourage others to do the same. He explained that education alone could be used to enlighten oneself and lead to a path to self-reliance. According to Shree Shree Sadhubaba, attaining spiritual enlightenment does not require seeking a life of seclusion. The only means of finding such enlightenment are to live and cherish a good, family life as well as remember and revere all that He believes.

He is a Humanitarian, which becomes apparent in His teachings and His unique ways of curing human suffering.

Inspired by these teachings, we have established the “Sadhubaba Seba Mission” to progress His life’s objective and find our salvation under His guidance. Based on Shree Shree Sadhubaba’s philosophy, we have undertaken the many projects that are directed towards the betterment of our society in coherence with present times. A few of our past and current programs include the development of an:

  • Elementary school program educating 130 students every year;
  • School Meal Program providing the elementary students with nourishing food everyday;
  • Local library with free coaching for students up to 12th standard;
  • Computer center for more than 100 students;
  • Free medical clinic aiding 450 patients a week/year;
  • Routine eye and dental camps for adults and children with eyeglass donations;
  • Leprosy prevention, treatment and rehabilitation unit;
  • Rehabilitation camp for handicapped people; and
  • AIDS prevention and awareness seminars and rallies.

While we have truly changed the lives of many, there is still much more that we need to do. In the name of our God, Shree Shree Sadhubaba, we will continue our works, and we hope this information inspires you to join us.

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